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Paladin Financial Directory

Description of NAIP’s Investor Referral Program through (Directory)

Cost for NAIP Members vs. Non-NAIP Members
Ad Level Retail Rate NAIP Rate Savings
Bronze $365  $328.50 $37
Silver $549 $494.10 $55
Gold $795 $715.50 $80

Paladin has been the leader in developing websites that generate individual investor prospects for financial professionals since 2004. Following is a brief description of Paladin’s Internet marketing services:

  • Millions of investors use the Internet to find financial professionals in their communities and to learn more about them. They are currently replacing advisors or hiring their first advisors.
  • The Directory expands your Internet presence so it is easier for investors to find you.
  • The Directory has three levels of advertising services: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The key difference is the amount of content in the advertisement.
  • One new client covers the advertising expense several times over and for as many years as you retain the client.
  • You have the option of attaching a professional profile to your advertisement (Gold Level only)
  • Investors can conduct their own searches (Self Search™) or Paladin professionals will conduct the searches for them (Assisted Search™).
  • Paladin manages more than 40 websites including two .orgs, a blog site, and more than 20 micro-sites that route investors to Directory advertisers.
  • NAIP members receive a 10% discount when they advertise in the Directory. Be sure to use the NAIP promotion code when you initiate your advertisement.
  • You have the option of obtaining a Marketing Membership in the Paladin Registry. Paladin pre-screens advisors for investors in the Registry; therefore you must qualify. However, if you do qualify, the Registry’s quality rating adds to your credibility, differentiates you from other advisors, and produces substantial competitive advantage. Directory advertisers receive a 25% discount when they add a Registry membership to their advertisement.
  • For more information go to , but remember, you do not receive the 10% discount without the NAIP Membership coupon to present to Paladin.