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Performance Coaching

Dr. Alden Cass of New York, NY, has an agreeement to provide NAIP members the following as his time and resource are available:

About CSC
Competitive Streak Consulting, Inc. (CSC) was founded in response to Dr. Alden Cass’ research findings. His research found stockbrokers to be at higher risk for mental health problems such as burnout, emotional exhaustion, substance abuse, major depression, and anxiety disorders than the general population (Cass 2000, 2001). Dr. Cass’ research also revealed that stockbrokers, already proven to be at a higher risk of having “under the radar issues,” rarely seek help or utilize the services offered to them in the form of Employee Assistance Programs provided by their companies.

In addition to working with sales executives and traders within the financial services industry, CSC has also conducted research on attorneys and how they handle the anger related to the adversarial nature of their jobs. CSC has tailored a specialized Anger Management Program (Channeled Rage Workshop), that is meant to be implemented within the scope of Summer Associate Retreats, and/or for the purpose of defusing the anger related problems of both senior partners and associate employees who are in need of being mandated for treatment.

CSC´s Research Based Methodology
CSC is a professional services organization that assists companies by identifying and correcting employee problems before they hamper productivity and job satisfaction. CSC consultants begin by conducting a job analysis of your identified employees’ work flow. This analysis maps the tasks, expectations, demands and stressors that define the employees’ work environment. Using our proprietary Top Performer Profiling System, we confidentially assess your employees to improve the overall productivity of your workforce as a whole.

Within the scope of our Top Performer Profiling System, CSC designs an intervention training program tailored to your company´s culture and your employees´ identified needs. This intervention offers practical skills and prevention strategies. Sessions teach employees to be proactive in handling their problems so that individual and group goals are efficiently achieved.

1) Advisor “Top Performer Profiling Process” reports and debriefings

-conducted as individual or group sessions
-offered as value added service to top producing advisor teams and individuals
-facilitates advisor mergers, separations, and aids in making teams more efficient with their client centered services.
-each report costs $150

A) Bullish Thinking and obtaining Emotional Disciplined Financial Advisors and their teams

- Psychoeducational training with research stemming from Dr. Cass’ study on Wall Street’s mental health and productivity.
-Used to help advisors remain positive, proactive, and upbeat despite poor market conditions or temporary lags in product performance.
-Enables advisors to reassure their emotional clients that things will improve.
-Allows an advisor to lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.
-Can be combined with “sales for success” profiling reports and group debriefing to meet for a half day workshop

B) Subtle Sales and gaining the competitive edge and improving client centered service

-Can be combined with “sales for success” profiling reports.
-Unorthodox strategy for book segmentation
-Notable increases in referrals
-Helpful in team efficiency and team formation
-Allows an advisor to understand closing techniques and how they present to different types of investors.

C) Channeled Rage and Managing Irate Clients and Office Politics

-Focus on Assertiveness skills (HARD-E strategy, anger management, the art of negotiation etc.
-Advisor’s can learn how to approach management for solutions and concerns and how to treat it other more professionally.
-Advisor’s learn how to ask for what they want from others including clients and managers in more appropriate ways.

The “Top Performer Profiling Process”: (for value added individual top performers is our four session package)

1) ‘Managing or Sales For Success” Profile Report (30 pages) = ($150)
2) Session #1: $150.00 per member

-Debriefing of the Profiling report
-Identification of performance obstacles
-Assessment of sales strengths and weaknesses
-Exploration of motivating factors and ways to be managed better
-Identification of value to the organization and/or team
-Discussion of strategies for effective closing and presenting to prospects.

3) Session #2: $150.00 per member

-Introduction to Bullish Thinking
-Rationale presented
-Distribution of Bullish Thinking Monitoring Log
-Practical examples used with role plays
-Homework assigned (7 Bullish Thinking Logs Distributed)

4) Session #3: $150.00 per member

-Introduction to Channeled Rage/Subtle Sales Training
-Homework collected and strategies created for managing stress at work
-Introduction to Channeled Rage log (7 logs distributed) with rationale
-Role plays conducted for managing irate clients
-Homework assigned using the Channeled Rage Log
-Subtle Sales Training Rationale presented

5) Session #4: $150.00 per member

-Homework collected and strategies created for managing work stressors and irate clients (Bullish Thinking and Channeled Rage logs)
-Subtle Sales Training Skills offered to improve sales techniques and investor profiling ability.

Total per member: $750
Please note that the above prices are at a discounted rate for the The National Association of Investment Professionals. All clients who work with Dr. Alden Cass for the 4 sessions who decide they want to continue to work on their performance and work/life balance can do so for a discounted rate of $200 per phone coaching session reduced from $250.

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