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We Are Nigerian American Investment Partners

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Our Story

We are friends. During a virtual happy hour at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we shared our frustrations with the crisis and the impending economic recession. We were worried about how much we had lost in the stock market and in other investment portfolios.

Realizing the need to make some changes in our respective financial strategies, we set out on a mission to pull our resources together and seek out investment opportunities that we may not typically have access to, individually.

So, that’s how NAIP was formed. As immigrants and minorities, we are determined to secure the future of the next generation by creating, growing and sustaining a platform to access private market investment opportunities.

Our funds are privately sourced and funded by our members. Our background spans more than 100 years of combined experience across multiple industries, sectors, disciplines including but not limited to medicine/care delivery, legal, corporate and business strategy, technology enablement, financial operations, complex program management and risk management.

We are community-focused, but not a charity organization. We support up and coming Nigerian entrepreneurs and African founders in the Diaspora. We mentor, advise and guide because we understand that sometimes our collective experience is more valuable than our money.

We are Nigerian American Investment Partners

About Us

Our Vision

The world has overlooked a great deal of innovative companies by not investing more in Nigerian entrepreneurs. Similarly, investment companies have overlooked the financial prowess of Nigerians in the diaspora.

NAIP is addressing the disparity rather than waiting for Venture Capital firms to do so.

"Our vision is to be the pre-eminent group of professionals focused on growing the wealth and influence of Nigerians in the diaspora."


Leverage our collective relationships, sphere of influence and our financial and economic capital in order to achieve the NAIP vision.

Empower Nigerian founders and entrepreneurs through investment, strategic support and advisory.

Create, grow and sustain a platform to access private market investment opportunities for our members.

Where We Play


We participate in early seed & series A investments


We look for innovative & capital-efficient companies


We are industry & sector agnostic


We are open to all geographies, but we have preferences

Track Record

We like companies with proven leadership & success record


We explore opportunities with clear path to monetization